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The Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI, www.cagi.org) has established energy efficiency measures for air compressors. Air compressor manufacturers have posted their CAGI datasheets on their web-sites for consumers.

As part of our ROI analysis engine, APA has consolidated CAGI data sheet information for more than 1000 air compressors in a searchable database. We have consolidated CAGI data sheets from Atlas Copco, Boge, CompAir, FS Curtis, Gardner Denver, Ingersol Rand, Kaeser, Quincy, and Sullair. With this database, we provide a one-stop resource for finding and comparing air compressor performance metrics.

You can search our CAGI database by Manufacturer, Model, HP (range), Full Capacity CFM, and Pressure. Results are displayed in the CAGI data sheet format, or you can select up to five air compressors for side-by-site comparison.

This is a free service. Just fill in the Registration info below, and your password will be sent to you via e-mailed. There's no cost.

For more information about CAGI data sheets, you can visit the Compressed Air & Gas Institute web-site at http://www.cagi.org/verification/ea_sheets.htm.


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